UK Newspaper 'The Telegraph' Brings the Paywall Home

The internet has changed the way we consume news. As a result, newspapers have struggled to find a way to keep delivering the news and remain profitable during a time when information is cheaper than ever. Unfortunately for readers, paywalls are becoming more common. Newspapers like the Financial Times, the London Times, and the Wall Street Journal all boast some form of paywall. Now it seems the Daily Telegraph is set to join them.


The Telegraph has had a paywall in place for those outside the UK for several months. Now, the newspaper is extending the boundaries to cover native readers without subscriptions.

"Since The Telegraph's creation in 1855, our newspaper has aimed to bring readers Britain's finest journalism. We were the first national UK newspaper to go online in 1994 and our commitment to bringing you the best writers has not changed," the Telegraph wrote on its website today. "The Daily Telegraph continues to have more subscribers than any British national newspaper."

The newspaper goes on to say it wants to "reward" subscribers by offering them unlimited access to the online version of the newspaper as well as the tablet and the smartphone editions. Those with tablet subscriptions will also enjoy unlimited access across the web, smartphone, and tablet platforms.

This is all good news for those that pay for the Telegraph already. However, those that don't have a subscription and browse the paper's website daily are about to see a monthly 'limit' put in place that will restrict the number of articles they can view. Readers who are not subscribers will get access to 20 free articles per month on Beyond that limit, they will have to sign up for a digital subscription package. The Telegraph has two different packages. One is priced at £1.99 per month and will give unlimited web access. Full access to the web and tablet editions is £9.99 per month.

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  • downhill911
    Maybe one of the reasons why is that people simply do not read it anymore.
    Generation of people buying newspapers is slowly fading out and the new generation use internet where they can get free unbiased information.
    People like to have choices, they do not stick to only one source anymore.

    Less paper used=less trees cut down=more/better air to breathe.
  • fnh
    downhill911... where they can get free unbiased information.
    Individual bias already decide what information one would prefer, regardless of delivery mechanism.
  • f-14
    then these papers better be 100% ad free as that's who pays their bills
  • abbadon_34
    I doubt anyone will notice
  • doive1231
    So long Telegraph. People will switch to other free online newspapers. The reporting isn't all that and the inanity of the comments is laughable.