Report: Nvidia GK110 Titan GPU to be Available Next Month

The new 'Titan' graphics card will sport the GK110 GPU, a GPU previously only used in Nvidia's Tesla K20X cards. The specifications are impressive: The GPU contains 2880 CUDA-cores, of which a generous 2688 are enabled. The reason why not all of the CUDA-cores will be enabled is likely because of a binning process; there will be few chips on which 100 percent of the cores will work as they are specified to. The clock speed will also be set at a fairly low 732MHz, however, as a result the card will have a TDP of just 235W. In comparison, the GTX 680's GK104 GPU comes packed with just 1536 CUDA-cores, but has a much higher clock speed at just over 1GHz. Beyond the immense number of CUDA-cores, the chip will have a 384-bit memory bus, along with a shocking 6GB of GDDR5 memory that will run at 5.2GHz.

The performance is expected to be roughly 85 percent that of the GTX 690, but remember, this card will only have one GPU onboard, not two.

Seeing as Nvidia already has the 670, 680, and 690 in operation, and there is no numerical name that the card can be assigned within the current generation, it makes sense that Nvidia has decided to name the card 'Titan'. Rumors say that the name 'Titan' may be inspired by the Cray Titan supercomputer, which contains nearly 19 thousand Nvidia Tesla K20X cards.

Availability is rumored to be around the end of February with a hefty price tag of $899.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • vmem
    looks impressive on paper... but this is what the 680 was supposed to be, and now it's being sold at a ripoff $900... CMON AMD, YOU'RE FAILING US!!!
  • manicmike
    I want to see some benchmarks of how this will compare to the GTX680. Also, do they have any specifics on a reference model as far as dimensions, amount or RAM, etc? Or are they just teasing us?
  • nino_z
    Well Nvidia is so far ahead at this point - they can afford to demand whatever absurd amound of money they like...
  • Robert Pankiw
    vmemlooks impressive on paper... but this is what the 680 was supposed to be, and now it's being sold at a ripoff $900... CMON AMD, YOU'RE FAILING US!!!
    AMD is failing us? If that's the case, why are the majority of GPUs in this months recommendation list Radeon cards? (Nearly) Everything above the $200 price point is recommended to be Radeon, not a GeForce card.
  • wiyosaya
    While I am not likely to buy at that price, I think it would be interesting to see DP floating-point benchmarks.
  • WithoutWeakness
    I wouldn't be surprised if they named it "GeForce GTX 685". Similar to how they named the 280/285 cards.

    I can see this being very popular with people who do folding. It won't be worth the price for gaming though. 2 670's or 7970's will run you around $800 and 2 680's will be around $900-950.
  • susyque747
    In a couple years after the next generation of kiddie consoles release and they finally start writing games that can actually utilize all the power this card has it should be reasonably priced by then.
  • badtaylorx
    I wish people would stop it with the " this card was SUPPOSED to be the 680" crap. This monster was overdesigned wishful thinking that ultimately proved too costly from the get-go. If you need further convincing, flagship products are not produced in limited runs. That is the job of a "limited edition" card.
  • Bloob
    Hopefully AMD will grace us with the 88-series in early March, as they did with the 78-series last year. I'm sure there are people who can afford these $900 GPUs, but I'm not one of them...
  • maxinexus
    It might be just ok for a new 4k monitor.