Tom's Guide: 10 Mobile Quiz Apps for the Trivia Geek in You

Smartphones are one of the best ways to pass the time while waiting in line, bored at work, or sitting on the train. Whether this involves reading your favorite websites, or playing your friend in a friendly game of Draw Something, there's certainly no shortage of entertainment. If flexing your intellectual muscles is more your style, check out Tom's Guide's latest picture story, '10 Mobile Quiz Games for the Trivia Geek in You.'

Fancy yourself a know-it-all? Do you know the difference between your Confucius and your Kung-Fu? Do you groan in frustration every time a game show contestant fails to see the blindingly obvious answers? Well, these trivia quiz games should be right up your alley! Unleash your inner trivia geek! Test your mind and show your friends that yes, you really do know it all.10 Mobile Quiz Games for the Trivia Geek in You

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