VIA Unveils Mini-ITX's on Steroids: Em-ITX

VIA Technologies announces a new form factor designed for embedded developers named the Em-ITX form factor – 30 percent smaller than Mini-ITX.

The new Em-ITX form factor a open industry standard defined by VIA offering up to 200 percent more I/O real estate in a 30 percent smaller footprint measuring only 12 x 17cm. The Em-ITX form factor includes unique dual I/O coastlines and an exclusive Em-IO expansion bus to bring flexibility and scalability.

I/O inputs can be found on both 17cm edges of the board which in turn reduces cable clutter and boosts signal integrity as well. A variety of connectors are available on both I/O coastlines, including COM (RS-232/422/485), RJ45, DVI, VGA, LVDS, USB2.0 and DC power outputs.

The Em-IO expansion bus integrates the most common bus technologies such as USB 2.0, GPIO, LPC, PCIe, IDE, IEEE 1394, SATA, PCI, DVI, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and Card Bus signaling.

Essentially, the Em-ITX is the Mini-ITX’s little brother, but on steroids and is capable of delivering powerful computing in tight spaces. Applications of the Em-ITX could be anywhere from industrial automation, digital signage to kiosk systems.

Products based on the Em-ITX form factor should start to become available early next month. No pricing has been mentioned as of current.

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  • Anonymous
    That'd be smaller than a graphics card.
  • Anonymous
    That'd be about the size of a graphics card!
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    Is it me, or is there Engrish in this post?