Verizon Expands 4G LTE Coverage to 470 Markets

Verizon has responded to AT&T's recent surge of adding 4G LTE markets by adding 29 markets of its own, with the U.S. carrier now boasting a total of 470 markets.

The company announced that Selma, Ala., and Port Angeles, Wash., are among the many markets receiving access to its LTE service. Verizon now offers its LTE service in 470 markets across the United States.

Verizon, who was recently voted as the leading major carrier in the U.S. (with AT&T being named for worst-rated carrier for the second consecutive year), also confirmed that it's expanding its LTE availability in 36 existing markets, with the company's total coverage now reaching more than 250 million consumers.

AT&T, meanwhile, recently added four new markets (following the six before that), bringing its total coverage to 160 million consumers with a total of 113 markets.

As for its plans for adding more markets in the future, AT&T's 4G LTE coverage is expected to reach 300 million consumers by the end of 2014 thanks to a $14 billion investment.

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  • And still the crappiest customer service ever. AT&T and the Galaxy Note 2 ftw.
  • xpeh
    soldier2013And still the crappiest customer service ever. AT&T and the Galaxy Note 2 ftw.
    Actually, I moved from AT&T because of their crappy 4g coverage and terrible customer service. We were asked to wait for an employee to come help us. There was literally 5 employees walking around the store, doing nothing at all. Verizon has 4G coverage almost everywhere, not to mention the fastest 4G. Verizon's customer service is crappy as well, but not as crappy as AT&T's. Verizon and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ftw.
  • jivdis1x
    They going to cover more market than Verizon in one year? 2013 is going to be a business year. Verizon is only covering 250 mil with it 470 market. I hope they make it so the signal overlap. It would suck if you drive down the highway and the signal bars goes up and down like music graphic equalizer.
  • alextheblue
    jivdis1xThey going to cover more market than Verizon in one year?This is the end of 2012. They said AT&T LTE is expected to reach 300 million by the end of 2014. So actually closer to two years. Do you really think Verizon is going to stand still in the meantime?
  • shikamaru31789
    I was pretty suprised that Verizon already added 4G LTE to my town, which only has a population of about 23,000. Too bad Verizon sucks, the amount of data you get on their plans is ridiculously low. Fortunately Sprint seems to be expanding LTE straight towards my city as well, and has already reached a city about 25 miles North of here, and then I can get 4G from Boost, Virgin, or Sprint.