World of Warcraft Mr. T Gives Mohawk Grenades

World of Warcraft is beyond critical mass with celebrities (sort of) making commercials for Blizzard. Today Mr. T announces a new weapon for the World of Warcraft – Mohawk Grenades.

Now available for North American WoWers (rest of the world to follow later this month) are Mohawk Grenades that when thrown will give anyone within its blast radius a Night Elf Mohawk. Just find a Night Elf Mohawk NPC to get yours.

I could say more, but really, Mr. T says it so much better than I possibly could. Check out the video below:

World of Warcraft: Mr. T Commercial - Mohawk Grenade

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  • darkknight22
    What Mr. T says, goes. end of story.
  • Shadow703793
    Lol? What's the point of this?
  • Anonymous
    lol there is no point... unless you were alive in the 80's and remember MR. T. Then you may find this hilarious like I do...and apparently the devs at WoW do.
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  • kresso
  • Shadow703793
    Lol? What's the point of this?
  • grillz9909