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Thermaltake Releases its Water 2.0 All-in-one LCS Series

In the growing trend of all-in-one liquid cooling systems, such as the Corsair H80 or Antec Kühler H₂O 620, end-users are looking for the "easy" route to a liquid cooling setup and the cooling benefit a LCS can offer. To join the trend, Thermaltake has introduced its own all-in-one LCS series called Water 2.0. The series comes with a standard full copper base plate for better heat conductivity. It includes a powerful pump, within the waterblock, for rapid water circulation. Dual 12cm high airflow fans provide faster heat dissipation and two low evaporation tubes effectively decrease the loss of coolant. The high-tech sealed circulation system helps prevent any leaking issue.

Water 2.0 Extreme
The Extreme has a specially designed 240mm large surface radiator and the support of two more 12cm fans for additional heat dissipation. It comes with a Windows-based software to monitor and customize a wide range of parameters, including pump speed, coolant temperature and fan speed.

Water 2.0 Pro
The Pro has a standard radiator, which is twice as thick as others. The increased size of the radiator allows for a larger cooling area and still only takes up the space of a single 120mm fan slot. This gives users increased cooling performance when they don't have the chassis space to install a dual-radiator setup.

Water 2.0 Performer
The Performer uses a standard size 120mm radiator that will work with most users cases. It is geared toward first-timer users of LCS or those who want liquid cooling but aren't ready to make the jump to traditional LCS setups.

For more information the Water 2.0 all-in-one LCS series, visit Thermaltake's website.

  • jonyah
    Looks nearly identical to Corsairs offerings.
  • master9716
    Id like to see these with clear hoses so you can make the water glow.
  • redeye
    can you say antec coolers?... extreme = corsair 100... pro = antec 920... proformer = antec 620.. imo
  • can you say asetek? The danish inventer of all this closed loop watercooling! Everybody else is only licensees. Get your facts straight!
  • jackbling
    12cm?!?!?! those are waaay larger than the standard 120mm!!
  • r3pshow
    I wonder if it beats the H100 ???
  • r3pshow
    We need some reviews ASAP !
  • @hasten
    ups yes I forgot about Coolit. But their design is different I believe. Not a closed loop but a built together radiator and pump? I think I see a quick coupling or 2...maybe I am wrong, I am sure you will tell me.
  • theconsolegamer
    Benchmarks PLEASE!
  • richard694000
    I was just thinking out load that if intel would make there new chips run hotter the water cooling bussnes wouldn't be hurting so much after we released the sandybridge that overclocked well on air after market coolers.