Tom's Guide: 20 Weather Apps for Your Smartphone

These days, it's not hard to get yourself a quick run-down of the current or upcoming weather. However, with so many ways to get your fix of the weather forecast, it's almost hard to know which application is the best one to use. To aid you in your decision, the Tom's Guide team has put together a weather app round-up. Be sure to check out '20 Weather Apps for Your Smartphone.'

Gone are the days when weather forecasting was little more than fortune-telling. With Doppler radar, satellite imaging, and numerous other advances in meteorology, weather forecasts are more reliable than ever, and thanks to the advent of mobile computing and smartphones, you can get updated on the weather forecast anywhere you have a signal!Here are 20 apps to cover all your weather needs. 20 Weather Apps for Your Smartphone

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  • abbadon_34
    why on earth would i need 20 weather apps? most pages tell me the weather whether i like it or not