Westinghouse Intros Roku-Ready HDTVs at CES 2013

Westinghouse Digital will showcase during CES 2013 a new line of LED-lit HDTVs for 2013 that will be Roku Ready. So far pricing and availability is unknown, but we'll know more soon.

According to the company, these HDTVs will feature Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) compliance which will allow users to plug in an HDMI-based Roku Streaming Stick, a flash-stick sized device containing the Roku streaming platform. The TV will then be recognized by the user's home network "within minutes", turning it into a Smart HDTV packed full of streaming video, games and more.

"The new Westinghouse TVs with Roku are designed to be future-proof," said Rey Roque, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Westinghouse Digital.  "Westinghouse Digital believes MHL-Compliant displays are the future of the connected TV market.  Consumers are no longer forced to buy a smart TV only to have it become outdated two years later when new technology is released."

Roque added that with the Roku Streaming Stick, consumers can upgrade "a fairly inexpensive piece of hardware" instead of being forced to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new HDTV in order to gain the latest and greatest streaming options.

The Roku Stick currently retails for $99.99, and includes built-in dual-band 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, a separate game remote with motion control, and support for 1080p streaming video -- it doesn't even require separate power or video cables. Programming includes Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Crackle, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Angry Birds and more.

Westinghouse said that in addition to introducing a 60-inch IPTV during the show, the company will also introduce a full line of edge-lit LED TVs, with models ranging from 28 to 60-inches, as well as a new series of 4K UHDTV models.

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  • atoms83
    roku ready TV? i don't quite understand. it sounds like it's just a regular TV with a couple more HDMI plugs so you can go out and buy a roku stick. if thats the case then every LCD tv with HDMI is roku ready right?
  • siman0
    why would the call it the sixth streaming stick. kinda sounds wrong...
  • evilsizer
    Westinghouse just isn't a brand that Ive been interested in. I have yet to really see good reviews on them. Still, it's nice to see that you may soon not be locked in to only whatever your smart tv has to offer, but be able to change out sticks as tech gets better. Either way, it's one hell of an improvement over my old HTPC.