Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hits 1 Million Downloads

It's been just two days since Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for download but already the software has reached a huge milestone. The Microsoft Windows 8 Build team on Thursday afternoon announced that they had seen one million downloads of the consumer preview after only one day.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched on Wednesday morning, approximately six months after the Developer Preview was released in September of 2011 at BUILD. Windows 8 is a notable departure from Windows 7 in that it includes the Metro UI, which most people will recognize from Windows Phone 7. The famous Start button has also been removed and Microsoft has replaced this iconic Windows feature with a sort of hotspot in the bottom left corner. Windows 8 also includes the ability to sign in via Windows Live, and the Windows Store, which is similar to the Mac App Store.

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  • memadmax
    I see that microsoft is "replacing" the start bar with metro....

    But why force the issue?

    Wouldn't it make more sense to include Metro as a frickin feature that can be turned off and on?
    That way you can keep the stupid start bar and have metro or whatever....
    Makes sense don't it?

    Win8 is starting to turn out like Vista for other reasons..... and then... to make matters worse, they are doing it to Server 8 too.......... what a joke...
  • darkavenger123
    I was a day 1 adopter for Vista and Windows 7. I love my Vista despite all the negative comments (and drivers issues early in it's life)....I have also experienced with MAC OSX (which i installed on my Intel PC rig), which i easily adopt to despite never using it before. And i have tried UBUNTU, which i am not so impressed with....

    BUT THIS....WINDOWS 8.......i can't love. It's horrible crap which can't make up it's mind as a tablet of desktop OS. It'll be destined for total failuire. No IT Manager will be sane to ask their users to upgrade to's totally mind boogling trying to turn your desktop into a tablet by force....i can imagine the nightmare of the IT Department should this be adopted...even before the technical integration problem crawls in, the UI will provide the bulk of the calls and complains....(btw, i work in IT).

    Wanna bet...after this is launched, nobody will remember how bad VISTA supposely was....because Windows 8 will set the new benchmark for a major failed product for MS for decades to come.
  • jdog2pt0
    I will be skipping Win8 as long as possible and here's why. The current trend is mobile devices, and the problem is that everyone seems to focus on that now, instead of the traditional desktop experience. They seem to forget that PC's still exist. The Windows tile interface is useless to PC users. Ubuntu is going the same path. Unity sucks and HUD is bullshit. Here soon I will be switching to Mint. It's sucks, and I'm not going to encourage it.

    For clarification I use Win7 on my desktop, and Ubuntu on my laptop (my main computer)
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  • olaf
    good for them ... so far not loveing it ...
  • beayn
    And... 1 million thumbs down (minus a few weird people).
  • upgrade_1977
    Haven't downloaded it yet, no time. Probably download it sunday and try it then.

    olafgood for them ... so far not loveing it ...

    Just for informative purpose's, what are the reason's why your "not loving it"?