Dell Reveals Crazy Big 18-inch Windows 8 Tablet/AIO

Ok, so maybe it's not a tablet but rather a super-thin AIO PC called the Dell XPS 18. Slated to launch here in the United States on April 16 starting at USD 899.99, it will sport an 18.4-inch capacitive touch Full HD display -- nearly twice that of Apple's iPad -- but have an overall weight of 4.85 pounds. That said, should it be characterized as a super-huge tablet or as a super-light AIO? You be the judge.

"It features much of the power you would expect from an AIO while still being surprisingly portable, so you can use it in many different rooms in the house," said Dell chief blogger Lionel Menchaca. "It works well as a streaming media device in the living room, viewing recipes or cooking videos in the kitchen, or as a homework machine in the kids' room."

While the specs aren't available online, the device will be sold with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, with custom flip-out feet to convert the device from a tablet to a desktop. The "starting" model will reportedly include a dual-core Pentium ULV processor and a 320 GB HDD. Higher-end models are said to include a third-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. The battery will offer around five hours of life on a single charge.

"It features an aluminum back with soft grip for traction and comfort," Menchaca said. "Overall craftsmanship and flexibility were two key focuses for our design team. You can use it in a number of ways: on an adjustable powered stand so it can be used with a wireless keyboard and mouse, on a desk or surface with flip-out feet so it can be set to a comfortable viewing angle, totally flat for collaborating or browsing, or even like a newspaper for reading."

The Dell XPS 18 will use Microsoft's touchy Windows 8, which is perfect for this tablet/AIO hybrid form factor. It will also include the Dell Wyse PocketCloud application so users can easily build and manage their own “personal cloud” for both personal use and work documents. These files can be shared to other iOS and Android devices, Menchaca added.

To get a sneak peak at Dell's upcoming XPS 18 portable AIO PC, head here.

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  • rohitbaran
    Not the iMat, but the DellMat is here!
  • NightLight
    it looks sexy
  • godfather666
    not bad, but i can't see any usefulness for it (for me).
  • belardo
    Yeah... I'm sure people want to carry around a 5lb tablet that has a 3~4hr useful lifespan.
  • chumly
    For those heavy flow days.
  • g00fysmiley
    might be cool for rpg type stuff like changing backgrounds with a grid overlay, or maybe for long trips on a plane or in a car to watch mvies on a larger screen but i am hving a hard time picturing carrying a table tthat big
  • m32
    Portable P.C., not a tablet.
  • p05esto
    That actually looks really cool. I would love to play on that!
  • InvalidError
    We had the desktop-replacement laptops, now we might be seeing the emergence of laptop-replacement tablets!
  • Draeg
    You know what kind of sucks? If this was an Apple product, people would be saying "oh, it's just another ipad variant". But since it's not Apple, people are giving it a chance.