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Amazon Listing Reveals Several Windows 8 Packages

While Windows 8 isn't due to go on sale until October 26, Amazon UK has listed the operating system, subsequently revealing several packages.

A Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition gives users the opportunity to upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. A Windows 8 Pro Pack bumps the Windows 8 standard edition to the Professional version.

For European consumers, a Windows 8 Pro N Version has also been confirmed, which is a similar package to the American version but doesn't contain Windows Media Player.

Both the Windows 8 Pro and Pro N editions include the operating system, with the Windows 8 Pro Pack containing a product key card that allows users to upgrade the standard edition to the Pro version.

While the listings don't reveal prices, the Windows 8 Pro edition will cost owners of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 $39.99 if they download the product online. Alternatively, it'll cost $69.99 to buy the operating system in a physical media capacity.

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