Samsung Teases Series 5 Hybrid for IFA Unveiling

With IFA set to kick off in just a few days time, we'll soon be inundated with images and spec sheets of upcoming products. Eager to be noticed, many companies will announce their products on day 0, before the show officially begins, and others will reveal tidbits of what we can expect well before that. Today Samsung teased us with the prospect of a Series 5 Hybrid announcement.


The company's Facebook page was today updated with a photo of the Series 5 Hybrid that we first spotted at Computex back in June. The caption for the image is 'Don't worry, it's just around the corner.' And in case that's a little too vague, the image itself sports the tagline "Ready to be smart? IFA Berlin 2012."

Samsung's Series 5 Hybrid is a convertible tablet that resembles the Asus Transformer Pad in that it clicks onto an external keyboard to become a full notebook. Running Windows 8, it packs an 11-inch display, and will reportedly run a full version of Windows 8 (as opposed to Windows RT). We'll bring you the full specs and details on pricing and release as soon as Samsung spills the beans.

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  • mayne92
    Nice. Does M$ plan to boot touchscreen devices into desktop mode? I figured since the desktop boots to Metro it would only be fair to boot a touchscreen device to desktop. lol
  • chuckydb
    With the name Hybrid, I was thinking Win/Android Hybrid. :-(
  • mcd023
    a hybrid device is just up my alley. I've been wanting the Series 7 Slate for so long! haha