Microsoft Adds Windows 8 Gestures to Touch Mouse

Ahead of Windows 8's launch on Friday, Microsoft has released new gestures for its Touch Mouse. Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 app unlocks extra functionality with the new version specifically improving keyboard and mouse support in Windows 8.

Existing Touch Mouse users will now be able to utilize a slew of multitouch gestures in Windows 8 such as two finger movements to manage applications. However, those who own Microsoft's Wedge Touch Mouse will be disappointed to hear that support for Windows 8's more comprehensive gestures hasn't been integrated.

Users can still scroll up and down and side to side, but, unfortunately, that's pretty much it. The mouse won't, for example, be able to pull up the charms bar or app commands.

Windows 8 officially launches on Friday, October 26.

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  • JamesSneed
    No problem, all i need is a single gesture for windows 8.
  • reprotected
    *Make comment about Apple's magic mouse and lawsuit and how Apple should lose the lawsuit*
  • mouse24
    "Owners of Microsoft's Wedge Touch Mouse won't receive update."

    Now I haven't looked into the whole "touch mouse" idea but that seems really lame.