New Windows Phone Update Doesn't Sound Like WP 8.1

Microsoft's Michael Stroh jumped on the Windows Phone blog on Tuesday and confirmed that an update to Windows Phone 8 will arrive this summer. He said that it includes a small number of improvements and upgrades, and is similar in size to the update that was released earlier this year. That said, it doesn't sound like the Windows Phone 8.1 update we've heard about in the past that will be covered in the "Windows Blue" blanket.

"The new update, which is expected to start rolling out to existing Windows Phone 8 phones later this summer, brings back support for FM radio (we heard you!) and makes the Data Sense feature of Windows Phone 8 available for more carriers to offer," he said. "The update also makes it easier to select, download, and pin tunes in Xbox Music and improves the accuracy of song info and other metadata—something I know music fans will appreciate."

FM Radio and Data Sense availability depend on your phone model and carrier, he added.

The Windows Phone update also includes "hundreds of other small quality improvements," and support for Google's newest sync protocols -- CalDAV and CardDAV -- so that the Windows Phone platform will continue to work with Google services. Meanwhile. Google said it will extend support for new Windows Phone connections via Google Sync until July 31, 2013.

Tuesday's blog also talks about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 925, which was revealed at a London press event earlier this week. It's slated to debut in June on Europe's Vodafone network, then China Mobile and China Unicom. The phone will then eventually launch on T-Mobile here in the United States later this year. It's the first Windows Phone to incorporate aluminum into the design, and features advanced new camera software and the updated Windows Phone 8 platform.

For more information about the phone and the upcoming update, head here.

  • unknown9122
    I guess this Windows Blue update for WP wont occur.
  • alikum
    This was mentioned quite a while ago, not sure how you can miss it. Here's a link for you:
    Amber is basically GDR2 with GDR3 coming this fall / winter followed by blue in early 2014.
  • bourgeoisdude
    I still do not understand why it is so difficult for Microsoft to add VPN support on Windows Phone. We've only been asking for it since Windows Phone 7--heck
    Windows Mobile had it.
  • CaedenV
    um... was anyone expecting the windows phone blue update yet? the win8 Blue update does not come until the fall, and it has already been confirmed that the WP8 Blue update will come 'some time after' the release of the desktop version. In fact, my bet is that we will have win8Blue this fall, xbox 8 Blue with the next box release this winter, and then the WP8 blue update in H1 of next year.
    Or put another way, before WP8 was even launched MS made known that there would be 3 minor updates in the form of GDR1, 2, and 3, and when winBlue rumors started to implicate that there would be a phone version it was understood that it would be AFTER GDR3, which would also put it in Q4 at the earliest, but much more likely Q1 of next year.
    So where does this leave us?
    We already saw a Nokia firmware update in december, followed by GDR1, followed by another round of Nokia updates, which will be followed by GDR2, and then quickly followed by the Nokia Amber update, then GDR3. After that one would assume that we should expect yet another Nokia update, and then WP8.1.
    So far all of these have been minor updates, but they have already ammounted to a nice constant stream of improvements for the platform. Makes me feel like a very valued customer even though I am investing in Nokia which is a company that could easily still go bankrupt, and MS who is still pretty far behind in the mobile OS race. Android users do not get nearly the same amount of love.
  • CaedenV
    10814396 said:
    I still do not understand why it is so difficult for Microsoft to add VPN support on Windows Phone. We've only been asking for it since Windows Phone 7--heck
    Windows Mobile had it.

    While I agree, I think it is because MS is (stupidly) doing everything they can to make WP seem like a fun non-business platform, and they seem scared out of their minds to be pegged as the next blackberry. But the fact of the matter is that other than a few things like VPN support it is one of the better business platforms, and they are probably loosing a ton of potential customers by not focusing on it a bit.
  • laststop311
    Nokia took too long. They would of won me as a customer on T-mobile when the Lumia 920 came out. Loved that phone. All the 925 is is the same phone with aluminum shell instead of plastic and oled instead of lcd. The specs were even a little old when the 920 came out but now these are ancient specs. Now that I have the galaxy note 2 it's gonna be almost impossible for me to give up this large screen. Hopefully the true 920 successor can really wow me.
  • nekromobo
    10814904 said:
    Now that I have the galaxy note 2 it's gonna be almost impossible for me to give up this large screen.

    Did you get the note2 with this screencover mod?
  • Aoyagi
    Oh, so because carriers (what the hell) say so, I can't have a data counter on my phone. Lovely! How did the older Symbian phones have it? Oh, it was part of the OS! Next time, carriers will say when my alarms beep? And obviously MS doesn't give a crap about their OSes anymore, all they do is concentrating on marketing and consumer cr-apps like that XCrap Music thing, which will still be unable to play by folders no doubt. Windows Phone 7 was worse than Windows Mobile 5. Windows Phone 8 is -still- worse. It shouldn't be even called Windows, because if anything, it's Microsoft Tiles iOS.
  • CyberAngel
    Windows Phone 8.1 comes (hopefully) in February 2014.
    For Developers delight it will unify W81 Metro & WP81 (+Xbox One) API
    Visual Studio 2013 Beta is out already...(writing this at July 2013)
    Users delight is General Distribution Release 3 which brings 1080 display support
    That is released before Christmas 2013