Rumor: Windows Phone 9 Will Be Built from Scratch

Microsoft took a fresh approach when designing Windows Phone 7. The operating system was a complete departure from Windows Mobile 6.5 and though Windows Phone 8 shares a lot of the same design elements as Windows 8 for desktop, it doesn't actually run the same apps as Windows Phone 7. Now it looks as though Microsoft is ready to redesign mobile once again.

According to Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Review, the next version of Windows Phones will be both a tablet and smartphone operating system. What's more, Murtazin says we'll see a whole new UI that will be different to Metro UI (though, he notes, Microsoft won't actually be able to admit mistake with Metro, as it's been pushing the interface so actively in advertising). He says the new version will be developed almost from scratch.

If you've been eying up one of the current Windows Phone 8 devices and are now panicking about it being out of date, you needn't worry. Murtazin notes that this OS doesn't yet exist and will likely only be completed in 2015.

  • weierstrass
    People don't like the UI on desktops, why do they want to get rid of it on phones and tablets?
  • nord_musician
    Just let users change the UI for the next windows phone version, just as i do with launchers on android
  • nikolayivanov321
    So basically they are finally admitting that the so called Metro or Modern UI is a complete and utter failure?
  • nitrium
    I guess Balmer is hoping with they can break the 4% market share with a new OS!
  • hotice
    Microsoft needs to do what Nintendo needs to do. Make versions of your software for all the other hardware that's out there!!!
  • soldier44
    Win 9 will be what 8 should have been and when I will update from 7. I want no part of 8 or 8.1
  • littleleo
    So if you plan on buying a Windows phone wait till 2015 for Windows 9? What if it's worse then Windows 8?
  • belardo
    WP9 will not be compatible with WP8.. WP9 will be a single big tile.
  • brucek2
    Well with that decision done, would it be possible to enable a "desktop only" mode in Windows 8 now in which all UI decisions would be optimized for desktop users?

    Ironic that unless their approach to windows changes, the only place that Metro will continue to exist is on the desktop, where it was never a comfortable fit.
  • tolham
    i have a windows phone 8 and the UI is wonderful. i havent tried windows 8 on a PC so i can't comment on that, but the mobile OS is great, i dont see why they need to rebuild it from scratch.