Despite DRM-Free Version, Witcher 2 With DRM Most Pirated

Considering that The Witcher 2 is available on completely DRM-free, you’d think that pirating the on-disc version of The Witcher 2 would be shunned for the DRM-free download.

Nope. Apparently, pirates like rolling it the hard way. If you decided to pirate The Witcher 2, more likely than not, you’ll probably be downloading the version packaged with DRM.

CD Projekt’s CEO Marcin Iwinski believes that maybe pirating the DRM version is for “glory.” He sees no other reason as to why the DRM version is being passed around as opposed to the non-DRM version.

I’d propose that pirates continue to pirate the DRM version as a way of protesting DRM. The non-DRM version hasn’t been passed around maybe as a sign of respect to the fact that the game doesn’t have that extra barrier.

Maybe this indicates that removing the barrier of DRM is a good way of reducing piracy rates in PC gaming. Piracy’s impossible to prevent, no matter how many stringent regulations are put down to try and reduce it. I know plenty of people who’ve purchased games with tough DRM, such as Ubisoft’s online-always DRM, only to pirate the game anyway out of frustration of being unable to play the game when they want to. Hopefully, CD Projekt’s set an example that other publishers will take steps to follow in the footsteps of.


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  • s3anister
    I thought it was obvious that with or without DRM games are still going to be pirated? Some people will never pay for their games when they can get it for free...
  • sacre
    Pirates always try and justify their pirating, fact is, you're stealing and thats it. You bitch and moan about game producers not making games anymore for the PC - well you're the main cause.

    Honestly, I would never make a game for PC. You lose WAY too many sales, you lose WAY too much money, then afterwards PC users complain and guess what? Your brought it upon yourselves.

    Unfortunately a large majority of "pirates" are still young idiots that don't know any better and continue to try and justify their stupidity.

    You have tons of employees spending countless hours working on animations, scripts, action sequences, graphics, etc for years just to make you smile and have a great time and what happens? You steal the fucking thing, play it, then go "cool". I personally believe they EARNED that money.

    And don't give me the "If I like it, i'll buy it" BS. That is exactly what I said, BS, you'll like it and beat it then you won't bother forking out the 59.99 because you've already played it.

    Always looking for reasons to justify your stealing.

    This DRM thing? Psh, I support it. I support Blizzards "always online" methods for Diablo 3 and WoW. It works a lot more than just leaving your game free to pirate.

    Pirates want the DRM removed not because "then they'll buy it" but because it makes it easier to pirate.

    DRM AGAIN is just another way to justify their damn pirating.

    Bunch of damn kids with the logic of even younger kids looking for ways to make stealing a good thing.

    I hope one day you spend countless hours working on something only to have it stolen, THEN you'll know how it feels. It feels shitty.
  • bavman

    Dude, relax it's okay (not okay to steal, but take a breather).