Auzentech Announces The X-Fi HomeTheater 7.1

Auzentech this week announced the company’s latest combo card, the X-Fi HomeTheater 7.1.

The card features a PCI-Express x1 interface, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It accepts video from either an internal or external connection, mixes it with digital audio, and then outputs the combined video and audio through a single HDMI 1.3 port.

Auzentech also said that the internal connection will exclusively support upcoming NVIDIA products for what the two companies claim will be the "ultimate in audio and visual entertainment."

The HomeTheater 7.1 features Dolby Digital and DTS encoding for a single-cable connection to home theater systems but don’t think that this card is just for home theatre enthusiasts. The card uses the PCI Express-optimized X-Fi processor to deliver accelerated audio for better game performance too, and with EAX 5.0 effects and 3D positional audio it’s definitely going to get a look in from hardcore gamers and PC enthusiasts.

Creative Vice President and General Manager, Steve Erickson, said the company is really excited to be working with Auzentech to deliver a high-definition HDMI solution and that they have modified the X-Fi processor for the PCI Express bus.

“We have completely re-architected our X-Fi audio processor, optimizing it for the PCI Express bus. We’ve also made a significant achievement in customizing our audio technology to enable the highest quality lossless digital audio for HDMI, for a stunning HD digital entertainment experience.”

There’s no word on price as of yet but we’re willing to bet it’s going to be two arms and a leg. Auzentech has the HomeTheater 7.1 pegged for a September/Q3 release.

  • bobxone
    Steve Erickson: "We have completely re-architected . . ."???

    Hmmmm. With illiteracy like that at Creative, I can see why their drivers don't work.
  • emp
    And with ignorance like yours no wonder the internet is just a cesspool of trolls.

    you are aware that AUZENTECH and CREATIVE are NOT the same thing, right?
  • MamiyaOtaru
    zOMG irony. He was talking about Steve Erickson, identified in the article as "Creative Vice President and General Manager". CREATIVE. Get some reading comprehension please.