Job Listing Confirms Motorola 'X-Phone' Project

Over the last few months, the rumor mill has been churning out talk of a new Motorola device dubbed the X-Phone. Google has produced multiple Google-brand smartphones (as well as a couple of tablets) over the last few years. Since it was launched, the Nexus line has included handsets from HTC, Samsung, and LG. Back in December, word on the street was that Google would use the recently-acquired Motorola for its next phone.

Since then, we've heard tons of rumors about said phone, including one that said it wouldn't be a Nexus device at all. Though the details are still murky, it seems we finally have confirmation that the X-Phone is a real project. The Verge today points to a job posting (opens in new tab)for a Senior Director of Product Management for Motorola on LinkedIn that confirms the X-Phone project as device in-development at Motorola.

Though no other information was detailed in the post, it is thought Google might announce the phone at Google I/O in the middle of May. Last week, an unnamed source on Droid (opens in new tab) Forum, said the Motorola X would feature a 5-inch, edge-to-edge display. The device is also expected to run Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie. Those rumors also said the device wouldn't be a Nexus model, with the user interface integrating some Motorola add-ons.

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  • revered
    I'm pretty sure they are going to run into a trademark dispute with Charles Xavier..
  • COLGeek
    reveredI'm pretty sure they are going to run into a trademark dispute with Charles Xavier.....unless Marvel is a major sponsor and we see tons of product placement ads in the comics!