Rumor: Xbox Infinity Will Have Blu-ray, DVR

The January 2013 issue of Xbox World reports that Microsoft plans to reveal the second-generation Kinect device alongside the company's next-generation console, Xbox Infinity (720, Loop, take your pick). This bit of info really isn't anything new, as a previously leaked Microsoft roadmap indicated that the big reveal will likely take place in June at E3 2013 followed by a possible retail release sometime before the holiday season kicks in – likely in time for Black Friday 2013.

According to the magazine, Kinect 2.0 will be more accurate, have better voice recognition, better stereo imaging, and have the ability to track up to four players simultaneously. There's also talk that Kinect 2.0 may actually be integrated into the console itself, but at this point, Microsoft may option to make this tech separate to keep the console's end-cost for the consumer low – for the base model, at least.

Xbox World also claims that Xbox Infinity will have a Blu-ray optical drive, making up for Microsoft's decision with the Xbox 360 to stick with DVD and support the now-deceased HD-DVD format. The current console is capable of playing DVD-based movies, but a Blu-ray drive not only means HD quality media, but enough room for bigger games and more bonus content on one disc.

The report also claims that the next-generation Xbox will feature DVR capabilities, allowing users to record input from an external source. Also slated for the console is directional audio, an "innovative controller" with a built-in HD touch screen, and possible augmented reality glasses. On a hardware level, it will supposedly pack a CPU with "four hardware cores, each broken into four logical cores" and 8 GB of RAM.

CVG reports that the magazine used Microsoft leaks and industry sources to create a 3D mock-up of a possible form factor the Xbox Infinity may use. "We built ours with the same glossy face and patented VapourMG magnesium alloy Microsoft uses for its Surface tablet, and modelled the silver band after its new 'Wedge' touch keyboard and flexible Arc Touch mouse," it writes. "The future will be black, sharp and curved."

The latest issue of Xbox World Magazine can be purchased via iTunes here.

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  • kracker
    Ok niice.


    What's the price?
  • Not sure what the resolution on this thing would be, but if it was only 720p I probably wouldn't mind. Most games these days have amazing visuals but lackluster gameplay. If they can improve the latter, it would be far more important.
  • spentshells
    Sony must be making a killing licensing Blueray
  • spentshells
    Also Im buying one day1
  • alxianthelast
    So much pointless speculation.
  • kensingtron
    I would much rather have all my games via digital download. Bluray meh...
  • xpeh
    krackerOk niice. ...What's the price?
    I have a feeling that it might be 600+
  • danwat1234
    folding@home compatible?
  • esrever
    is there any source to this information? The magazine doesn't even have sources...
  • LordConrad
    I prefer the high-density physical media, like Blu-ray. Plenty of storage space on a single disc, and when you're done with a game you can trade it in. Don't forget that many people still can't get, or can't afford, high speed internet. Game companies won't give up all those sales by switching to a download-only ecosystem.