Report: Microsoft's April Xbox Event Pushed to May 21

Back in February, we heard talk that the new Xbox would be revealed in April. However, it seems Microsoft may have pushed the big unveiling back by roughly a month. According to Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, Microsoft has now pushed this event back to April 21. Thurrott made this remark during a What The Tech segment last week.

"Originally they were going to announce this thing in April, April 24th. Now they're going to announce it May 20, May 21st. We know that there are events occurring this year where we are going to learn more about Durango," said Thurrott, adding that the console would see an early November release.

The Verge has since reported the same, citing its own sources that say, yes, the unveiling has been delayed until May. What's more, these same sources say the event itself will be at a small venue and will focus on providing the first details on the next generation of Xbox. An April event would have been nice, especially since we're likely to get the full show in June at E3 anyway. Still, we're not about to turn our nose up at any scrap of information Microsoft wants to throw our way.

The most recent rumors regarding the Xbox 720 involved an always-on internet connection. Last week, Kotaku reported that Xbox Infinity (720) will require an Internet connection to load games. An unnamed source told the site that if there isn't a connection, then apps and games cannot start. If the console is disconnected while an app or game is in use, they will be suspended after three minutes and the console will go into network troubleshooting mode.

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  • Tran Khanh Vinh An
    Trying to scrap of DRM? Nah noway in the name of god
  • meluvcookies
    Trying to figure out a way to extricate themselves from the current pile of poo they've stepped in with this "always on" and "deal with it" attitude, no doubt.
  • p05esto
    Hopefully they are removing the DRM, always on internet requirement and innability to play used games. MS is seriously pissing me off these past few years. Damn you Microsoft I was your biggest fan and now I'm starting to hate you. Do you even know what that means when your fans are turning on you? There are not as many MS fans left out there for you not to care. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!!!!
  • Immoral Medic
    Honestly, there aren't enough xbox exclusives that I enjoy currently that would warrant me to buy the next xbox. I hardly use my current 360. I will stick with my PC and hopefully grab a Wii U later this year when the new mario galaxy and wind waker HD comes out. I hope they come out with some good titles to make me want to buy the new xbox, but right now, I just don't see them since I can get most games on PC anyways.
  • aggroboy
    Question: Assuming Christmas 2013 release, can Microsoft still increase the specs of the final device?
  • shikamaru31789
    Well, at least we'll be hearing about the Next Xbox before E3. As for all these negative rumors, I doubt any of them are in the actual console, even if they were going to be in it, Microsoft has time to make sure they aren't now that they've heard all the criticism, which may be what the event delay is all about.

    aggroboyQuestion: Assuming Christmas 2013 release, can Microsoft still increase the specs of the final device?Well, they could have potentially had time to change it once they saw the PS4 unveiling. I doubt they'll have made it more powerful than the PS4, though they may have increased it some, to get it within about 10% of the PS4 instead of the 30% the leaked specs place it at.
  • hakesterman
    The new Consoles are going to get left in the Dust. People will not tolerate company's like MS. or Sony dictating weather or not you have internet or want to play used games. Their digging themselves into the Sand, but it's a war they have no chance of ever winning.....
  • slomo4sho
    Rumor has it that the average consumer has pushed back their enthusiasm to almost nonexistent levels upon hearing of the DRM stance.
  • NuclearShadow
    Since they already officially claimed it's existence by scheduling such a event for it. With this no doubt being one of the biggest topics about it and it being a negative one at that, it looks bad that they won't at-least assure that the console won't require such before hand. If it doesn't have that requirement there is no reason to hide the lack of it. But again assuming that it does not, it also does not help that they will instead have to address it during the event. This is simply time wasted when instead it could be properly used to early market the product.

    But if it is true, this vastly unpopular requirement will be a huge test towards console gamers. Will the gamers show they are addicted to consumerism and will buy things no matter how much they object to it? Or will they stand their ground and make Microsoft's next console a flop and will cement the path for future consoles to avoid ever trying that again.

    The future of the consoles depends on this, if console gamers accept it expect Sony and Nintendo to follow. because the game publishers will demand it. The ball is in your court console gamers.
  • magicandy
    "499 US dollars!"