Report: MSFT to Release Xbox One Sans Kinect in 2014

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One, gamers were quick to point out what they didn't like about the device. One of the biggest concerns for Xbox fans was the price. Microsoft justifies it by pointing out the fact that buyers will also get the Kinect motion sensor when they buy the Xbox One. But what if you wanted to buy the Xbox One without Kinect?

You just might be able to. Unfortunately, it likely won't be for a while. According to Inside Gaming, those who are willing to wait will have the option of buying the Xbox One without Kinect. The website quotes a source familiar with the matter that says Microsoft will release a bundle without Kinect in the summer of next year. What's more, a second budget bundle will feature a second hard drive and actually under cut the price of Sony's PS4.

In case you need reminding, the PS4 will cost $399 when it launches later this year. The Xbox One, with Kinect, will cost $499. Inside Gaming hasn't said how much the 2014 Kinect-less bundle will cost, though the mention of another budget bundle undercutting the price of the PS4 would imply that the price of the Kinect-less bundle will still be over $399.

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  • Mike Friesen
    However, they are catering to the consumers' demands somewhat (Although they admitted they might still, and even plan to go back and make internet access mandatory, etc, etc.). But still, microsoft's windows division could learn from this.
  • icepick314
    I thought you couldn't use Xbone WITHOUT Kinect...

    did I misunderstand their press release?