Report: MSFT to Release Xbox One Sans Kinect in 2014

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One, gamers were quick to point out what they didn't like about the device. One of the biggest concerns for Xbox fans was the price. Microsoft justifies it by pointing out the fact that buyers will also get the Kinect motion sensor when they buy the Xbox One. But what if you wanted to buy the Xbox One without Kinect?

You just might be able to. Unfortunately, it likely won't be for a while. According to Inside Gaming, those who are willing to wait will have the option of buying the Xbox One without Kinect. The website quotes a source familiar with the matter that says Microsoft will release a bundle without Kinect in the summer of next year. What's more, a second budget bundle will feature a second hard drive and actually under cut the price of Sony's PS4.

In case you need reminding, the PS4 will cost $399 when it launches later this year. The Xbox One, with Kinect, will cost $499. Inside Gaming hasn't said how much the 2014 Kinect-less bundle will cost, though the mention of another budget bundle undercutting the price of the PS4 would imply that the price of the Kinect-less bundle will still be over $399.

  • Mike Friesen
    However, they are catering to the consumers' demands somewhat (Although they admitted they might still, and even plan to go back and make internet access mandatory, etc, etc.). But still, microsoft's windows division could learn from this.
  • icepick314
    I thought you couldn't use Xbone WITHOUT Kinect...

    did I misunderstand their press release?
  • Andrew Humphries
    Sorry, but no.
  • shikamaru31789
    @icepick314 From what I understand, they originally decided to bundle the Kinect with every console so that developers would have incentive to put Kinect features in their games. When less than half of the consoles out there have a Kinect attached, developers don't see a point in wasting development resources working on adding optional Kinect features to controller-based games. But when every single Xbox has an attached and required Kinect, that's major incentive for developers to put Kinect features in their games.

    My guess is they've read all of the Kinect hate on the internet, read all of the things analysts have said about the $500 price hurting them against the $400 PS4, spoke with the developers to see if they'd rather have a larger Kinect install base or a larger overall install base, and decided it was in their best interest to not make the Kinect required. As for how they plan to remove the Kinect requirement, my guess would be a software patch.
  • hardcore_player
    people praise the hell out of Nintendo for trying new things, but slam MS for the same.. Sony is becoming gamers choice because they're sticking with the past a little too tightly with the PS4 this time
    i'm a hardcore gamer and i kinda like what MS did in Kinect 2
    but why so many out there hated it ?? is it because the whole system costs a 100$ more ???
    if that is the case , i remember back in 2006 that i paid 1200$ for my 360 the 20gb version , you people in US and Europe are so lucky , here in Palestine and Israel everything is so expensive , my 3930k cost me nearly 1000$ ( 2920 NIS).
  • xelliz
    An Xbox1 purchase next summer is now a possibility....but only a possibility. Time will tell
  • SkateZilla
    Which pretty much confirms you dont need kinect to be connected to the unit 24/7
  • whiteodian
    This would be a stupid move. If they do this, they will most likely cause some people to wait and purchase at a later date which will affect their initial sales. I like the fact, as others have mentioned, that they include it as an incentive for more software makers to take advantage of. The extra $100 over the PS4 doesn't bother me.
  • stingstang
    So that PR about the Kinect being more costly than the console... we're all just going to ignore that and take the 400 dollar price tag, huh?
  • catfishtx
    I would love it if it happened, but this rumor is just that, a rumor. The Kinect sensor is required but can be turned off. One thing is for sure, MS has done a terrible job of getting the XB1 message out there in a clear, consistant manner.