Yahoo! Mail Spits Out Error Messages

Yesterday was a bad day for some Yahoo! Mail users. While most of our reports about mail outages revolve around either Google’s Gmail or Apple’s MobileMe services, yesterday reports emerged saying Yahoo! Mail users were having a spot of bother accessing their email accounts and sending emails.

Wired reported that the most common problems being reported by Yahoo Mail users were error codes 1, 14 and 17, which they saw when they tried to log in or when they hit send. The search company responded to concerns early in the afternoon, assuring users it was working quickly to resolve the issue but did not elaborate as to how many of the 250 million users were affected.

"A small fraction of Yahoo Mail users may have experienced intermittent e-mail issues earlier today.  We believe this is an isolated incident and are quickly working to resolve the issue."

It’s not clear as to whether this has been fixed or not. If you’re using Yahoo! Mail, let us know if you were affected and if so, how long you were sans mail.

  • Shadow703793
    I'm using yahoo mail and hasn't seen it yet.
  • apoq
    Nope, all ok, except I'm still getting spam messages in my inbox although i tag them accordingly.
  • necro1783
    seems to be working just fine for me
  • it's not WORKING! for me
    when i click sign in
    it brings back the same page instead of going to the inbox!

    i have to download an attachment(ASAP) and if this is the case, i dont think i will be able to!

  • Yahoo's Mail client is by far the worst between Gmail and Hotmail. I have noticed Yahoo process e-mails faster so you receive them faster. But that does not make up for the extremly laggy and bad spam filter.
  • Extremely laggy application that is!
  • jcnieves
    Ive been down all day...
  • Still having problems connecting to Yahoo mail.
  • anonymous x
    oh this was annoying, but its fine now for me
  • hidinginplainsight
    Guess I was fortunate! No problems at all.