AP: Yahoo! CEO Will Get $47M in Comp. for 2009

The Associated Press yesterday reported that Yahoo's CEO received a $47.2 million compensation package for her first year on the job. This figure is mostly made up of stock incentives that are supposed to motivate Bartz to turn things around at Yahoo!. The AP calculated the size of Carol's compensation package based on a regulatory filing made yesterday. It includes salary, bonus, incentives, perks and the estimated value of stock awards.

So with such a huge incentive, what are Carol's plans for the portal? Well, according to an interview given to the BBC, Ms. Bartz says she wants bolster the firm's mobile offerings. However, Bartz clarified that it would not follow in Google's footsteps and offer a mobile OS. Instead, she wants to focus on personalized, "hyperlocal information" for users. "It's about what is going on in your local area," she said.

The BBC reports that Yahoo! recently posted quarterly profits that were triple what they were this time last year.

(AP & BBC)

  • BloodyIron
    It's these kind of earnings that make me not want to put up with crummy earnings and just want to blow the system away.
    I see Yahoo still isnt learning from their mistakes. nice job you yahoo's
  • sliem
    Hm... one CEO makes a salary of 50 veteran-level IT professionals' combined. Really?
  • figgus
    I think the US government should pass a gigantic Yahoo reform bill, it is just wrong that this greedy CEO is making so much money while millions of Americans are dying from lack of a good search engine.
  • aoenate
    sliemHm... one CEO makes a salary of 50 veteran-level IT professionals' combined. Really?
    I think it's quite a bit more than that, veteran-level it professionals don't make 1M a year...
  • NuclearShadow
    I must ask the serious question do we really need yahoo anymore?
    What service do they even provide that we cannot get elsewhere?
  • schmich
    CEO bonuses are ridiculous.
  • surrept420
  • buwish
    CEO compensation is ungodly bloated throughout the private sector, especially the companies that are part of the fortune 500 and such. As stated above, absolutely ridiculous.
  • JD13
    All the CEO CFO COOs are not worth garbage!
    They're one of the main reasons the US is hurting: Greedy little sellouts! They take all the credit & deflect all of the blame & still get a bonus when their company is in the toilet. They rather put millions into offshore accounts then pay their employees.