A First Look at Project xCloud Running on the Arm-Powered Surface X Pro

Xbox Project xCloud
(Image credit: Xbox)

While Microsoft's Project xCloud game streaming platform is already available for Android devices, we've known that the company is also working on a Windows 10 version. What isn't know is when we can expect it to arrive, and this has been a question on the minds of PC gamers whose systems don't have enough power to play more demanding titles.

And while we still don't know when xCloud for the PC will be released, we can now at least see Project xCloud in action, thanks to Windows Central. Earlier today, the outlet released a short YouTube video that looks at Project xCloud running on Windows 10.

Interestingly, the video details xCloud running on a Microsoft Surface X Pro, which happens to be powered by an Arm processor, not a conventional x86 processor. When it comes to PC gaming, the market is dominated by x86, and the only way to play just about any PC game on the market with an Arm processor is to emulate x86. 

Seeing Project xCloud playing a game that wouldn't be possible with the Surface X Pro is amazing in its own right. This means that if Microsoft continues to use ARM in upcoming hardware, it will be a viable option for gaming for Project xCloud.

While I don't have access to Project xCloud for Windows, I did enjoy a lengthy hands-on with the mobile beta before it went public. I see that a lot of the features in the mobile version made it into the Windows version. 

This makes me believe that this is some cobbled version of Project xCloud. Especially towards the end of the video, where we see the touch screen controls. Granted, if you played on a Surface X Pro like Zac Bowden is doing in this video, then sure, touch screen controls are possible. I'd imagine that most PC gamers, even those with touch screens, would want to use a keyboard or a gamepad/controller. Now I'm curious to see if I can give this a spin and manage to do the same.

For everyone else who's waiting on Project xCloud for Windows, you can check it out now for mobile devices. Just keep in mind that the service requires a good internet and WiFi connection. If you're using an older router or access point in your home, it could interfere with the proper operation of Project xCloud.  

Keith Mitchell

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