Acer's Aspire Z3-600 All-in-One to Debut by End of 2013

Acer today announced a brand new All-in-One desktop PC for its Aspire portfolio of products. Dubbed the Aspire Z3-600, the machine comes with an integrated battery for enhanced mobility and a flexible hinge on the frame that allows the panel to be pushed back to 90 degrees or laid flat on the table.

The Aspire S3-600 packs a 21.5 inch HD display, an Intel J2850 Pentium processor with HD graphics, 4 GB of RAM, and a 750 GB HDD. There's also support for USB 3.0, HDMI, and USB 2.0. There's no option for upgrades or customized specifications, so you're stuck with the aforementioned in terms of processing power, RAM, and storage. The good news is that means there's nothing to drive the price up either.

That built-in battery we mentioned earlier will last about two hours, so while you can take the machine with you on the go, it's more for moving around the office or house as opposed to actual travel.

Acer says the Z3-600 will be available this month for a retail price of $779.

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  • agnickolov
    Just try holding a 22 inch All-In-One in your lap, never mind traveling with one. This thing will be heavy!