Adata's DDR4 Memory Modules Are Finally Arriving

Back at Computex 2014 we saw DDR4 memory in action, where we made an Adata employee very nervous by making it appear as if we were trying to see information they were obviously trying to hide. Now, the company has announced this memory, and we finally have the details.

The memory is DDR4-2133, which isn't much faster than high-end DDR3 memory. In fact, there is faster DDR3 memory. That's normal though, and we've seen this pattern in the past with the release of DDR3, as well. Mind you, one of the biggest goals of DDR4 is lower power consumption, so rather than running at 1.5 or 1.65 V, this memory runs at just 1.2 V. The memory modules will provide a bandwidth of about 17 GB/s. Another target of DDR4 memory is higher density, allowing for larger-capacity DIMMs, though we will probably only be seeing that a bit further down the line.

Timings for the modules are set at 15-15-15, and they are built to be used with the upcoming X99 platform.

These memory modules will be available in kits of two DIMMs, with total capacities of either 8 GB or 16 GB. There is no exact word on pricing or availability yet. We have reached out to Adata and will let you know when we hear back.

Update: Despite the image above, Adata will only be shipping single-DIMM kits. The 4 GB module will cost $69.99, while the 8 GB modules are priced at $129.99.

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  • InvalidError
    2133-15 DDR4 when there is 2133-9 DDR3 @ 1.5V on the market... not convinced those DDR4 DIMMs will be a hit with the X99 crowd that is not exactly known for caring about saving 3-5W - particularly if it comes with any sort of performance penalty like the 66% higher latency on DDR4 would.

    Well, the DDR4 transition has to start somewhere... even if the starting point seems to make little to no sense.
  • hypergon
    Those timings are really bad, I think we'll have to wait for high frequency dimms with 16Gb each until DDR4 is worth it
  • delellod123
    has it been confirmed or denied whether HaswellE CPU's will fit into the x79 socket? Or was ivy end of the line for x79. About a year ago, it was rumored the haswell-e would have a ddr3/4 controller and fit x79?