Amazon's Luna Gaming Cloud Will Use Nvidia T4 GPUs

Amazon Luna
(Image credit: Amazon)

According to an exclusive report from Ars Technica, Amazon’s new gaming cloud platform, known as Luna, will rely on Windows-based servers and use Nvidia T4 graphics cards. This move is expected to provide high-quality output for subscribers to the streaming platform.

As of right now, Luna supports more than 100 titles. With the added Windows support, it will be easier for game devs to adapt their titles to the new gaming cloud platform.

The servers are designed to operate using a standard version of the Amazon EC2 G4 server instance, but with the added benefit of Nvidia T4 GPUs. They're also expected to use Intel's Cascade Lake processors.

The T4 graphics cards are based on Nvidia's Turing architecture. One T4 graphics processor can produce 8.1 teraflops of performance.

Currently, subscribers to this latest streaming game service can expect game at a resolution as high as 1080p. Amazon also confirmed it intends to introduce 4K streaming in the future. In the meantime, you can visit the official Luna page for details on how to get early access.

Ash Hill
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