Game On: Amazon Releases Another Trailer For 'Breakaway'

At Gamescom, Amazon Game Studios released another trailer for Breakaway, a competitive game that blends fantasy violence and sports.

Breakaway was announced in September 2016. The game pits teams of four players against each other in a battle to the death... with a little bit of football thrown in for good measure. The goal is to grab a Relic and put it in the other team's base. That simple task is made harder, however, by the fact that individual heroes can use their abilities to defeat their opposition or change the arena to something more in their favor.

The game sounds like a hodgepodge of team-and hero-based shooters like Overwatch, which also emphasizes using individual abilities to work towards a common goal, with the easily understood spectacle of something like Rocket League. Amazon doesn't just want people to play Breakaway; it wants them to do so in a competitive environment while they stream everything to as many Twitch users as they possibly can.

Breakaway's website makes that goal clear. An entire section is labeled "built for broadcast and spectacle." Amazon Game Studios has built in features that make it easy to spectate matches, organize games with your viewers, and get more attention with featured broadcasts. That emphasis on playing Breakaway as an esport (or at least something people will want to watch you stream) was also highlighted in the Gamescom trailer:

It makes sense for Amazon Game Studios to make a stream-worthy game. Amazon did acquire Twitch in 2014, so it makes sense to "keep things in the family," as it were. The development studio makes a game worth streaming, and the video platform makes it easy for people to discover the game. Twitch's partnerships with other game companies, such as Blizzard, operate on a similar principle of mutual benefit.

You can sign up for the closed alpha for Breakaway via the game's website. Amazon Game Studios hasn't announced an official release date, but we don't think the company's going to dilly-dally now that it's reminded everyone at Gamescom about the game's progress.

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