AMD Preps Brazos Successor For Late '11 Launch

But at least we know now that AMD is in this game for the long haul as well, as we have learned that there will be a second-generation product that will be released as early late 2011.

Brazos is just one week away from its rumored introduction and we will know more then how competitive the platform really is. Digitimes reported that the Deccan platform will follow Brazos and replace it within one year. Deccan will include the Krishna APU and the Yuba chipset and will begin an internal testing process in Q1 2011. Samples should follow in Q2 and an official introduction could happen in Q4.   

Brazos is a first-generation product for the netbook space for AMD, but it has already scored some important design wins, including MSI netbooks. According to Digitimes, Brazos will also find its way into a tablet PC from Acer, which is somewhat surprising as competition is brutal in this space and shows that AMD may have an interesting platform to offer.     

Brazos is expected to debut at CES with the Ontario APU and the Hudson chipset.

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  • joytech22
    This is AMD's busy year, they've been working hard to deliver the goods this year, hope they don't let us down.

    AMD CPU's in a tablet PC? Sounds like my kind of product.
  • elcentral
    hmmm still waiting for the amd to put down intels i7 culd upgrade my 3,4 quad.
  • wiinippongamer
    And what about bulldozer?