AMD Establishes New CPU Design Center in NY

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As AMD's sales skyrocketed in recent years, so did its Research and Development (R&D) budget. With hundreds of millions in R&D budget per quarter, AMD is undoubtedly looking for more personnel, and this time, it is opening up an all-new CPU design center in New York.

"AMD's CPU side is hiring as well- they're even building an entirely new site in Poughkeepsie, NY," wrote AMD's Mike Evans on Twitter.

Based on the hiring entry at AMD's website, AMD's CPU division plans to hire verification engineers (most of them) and then even a CPU core performance architect (that's an important part!) as well as a 'senior Infinity Fabric verification engineer.' Given the diversity of positions and nature of those positions, we might be looking at the establishment of another AMD R&D site that is ready to grow.


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Following the roaring success of Ryzen CPU for client devices and EPYC processor for data centers, AMD’s R&D budget rose from about a billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to approximately $2.8 billion in 2021 (R&D expenses are a percentage of sales), which gives the company vast amounts of resources to develop hardware and software.

Every available resource a company has might be used to beef up existing operations or form new ones. AMD's newly created New York R&D center indeed serves the second purpose. Whether we see a breakthrough architecture from New York is something that only time will tell. But for now, AMD is growing up its R&D might.

Anton Shilov
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  • gg83
    We have a few top tear tech schools in NY and the surrounding area. Poughkeepsie is a perfect location. Close to NYC and Boston. And Albany has a nanotechnology school.
  • TCA_ChinChin
    Glad to see investment from AMD in the US. It might not be a giant chip fab, but every bit helps. There certainly plenty of good computer engineering and design talent in NY and really many of the universities close by the East Coast.
  • blppt
    There used to be a giant IBM complex in East Fishkill back in the day, so the area isn't a stranger to large technology companies.
  • hoteldelta
    A search of using keyword "CPU" and location "Poughkeepsie" lists 20 job openings.