AMD extends Geode processor family

Austin (TX) - AMD today announced the Geode NX 1250@6W, a new x86 processor which aims at thin clients, printers as well as various types of embedded devices such as point of sale and transaction kiosks.

The new processor is based on the Athlon core and operates at 667 MHz. The chip extends the existing processors Geode NX 1500@6W (1 GHz) and Geode NX 1750@14W (1.4 GHz) and is supported by the Geode NX DB1500 development board. The new 1250 processor does not require a fan which makes it virtually silent and allows it to operate allows in almost any virtually any environment, according to AMD.

The Geode NX 1250@6W is built in 130nm, comes with 128 kByte L1 and 256 kByte L2 cache, a 266 MHz front-side bus, PowerNow power saving technology as well 3D Now, MMX, and SSE instructions sets. The processor is compatible to socket A architectures and will consume between 6 W and 9 W.

Mad acquired the Geode processor line and other assets of National Semiconductor's Information Appliance unit in August 2003. AMD used the processor family, which originally was positioned as processors for Inter Appliances such Webpads, to strengthen is market presence in the embedded market and substitute its 29000 RISC chip.