GlobalFoundries Increases AMD 32nm Shipments by 80%

It appears that the foundry is now making progress as it stated in a press release that it has increased AMD 32 nm processor shipments by 80 percent between Q3 and Q4 of last year. According to GlobalFoundries, 32 nm chips now represent a third of AMD's product mix.

After the hiccup, the foundry is apparently quite interested in further expanding its business. The company said that it is planning on spending about $3 billion to fund an expansion of its facilities in Singapore, Germany and New York. Among the production successes are the manufacturing of chips for IBM at its Fab 8 in New York as well as the production of 28 nm ARM Cortex-A9 chips that run at up to 2.5 GHz.

Last week, rumors emerged that GlobalFoundries may be in talks of acquiring DRAM maker Promos, which would give the company production capability in Taiwan and the ability to cater to the Chinese market.

  • ragenalien
    Good for AMD, now they might be able to actually make a profit with their cpu's.
  • billj214
    I wonder if Global Foundries will produce it's own CPU and provide some competition, I would bet they get on the ARM bandwagon in the near future! :)
  • memadmax
    Just feed them more rice cakes and they will be pumpin out more chips in no time...
  • de5_Roy
    more of those fx cpus will be flooding the market and 'heating up' the competition very soon!!
  • A Bad Day
    de5_roymore of those fx cpus will be flooding the market and 'heating up' the competition very soon!!
    "You have quality? We have the quantity!"
  • utroz
    Atleast yields are getting better on 32nm. It is probably BD and not Llano that is yielding better, Llano is a pain to make because adding a Gpu designed for TSMC's 40nm lowish power process to basically an Athlon x4 designed for 45nm hp SOI and putting it all on a 32nm High Performance SOI process is much harder than it sounds. I have great hope for Trinity yielding much much higher than Llano considering they should be able to take all they have learned from the llano issues and also the bd issues and make a high yielding high frequency scaling APU.
  • bak0n
    otacon72Be nice if AMD was out in front of something instead of almost WAY behind..
    Discrete graphics. Nuff' said.
  • alidan
    um... lets do a bit of math here,

    lets say a 100% used wafer is 100% (realistically parts of the wafer cant be used, but lets assume that 100% of it is usable for easier math)

    lets also assume that you can not go passed 100%

    for the ability for them to claim 80% better, means that the yields on chips prior to that was at the very best 55%

    i wish i knew what the average yield per wafer was so i can figure out how bad gf was doing prior to this, so lets get some assumptions.

    if normal yeild is = what it was prior to 80% boost at best
    95 = 52%
    90 = 50%
    85 = 47%
    80 = 44%
    75 = 41%

  • alyoshka
    Ok, so this was one of the factors too in the demand meeting supply issues we have seen with the Hot FX.
  • aznshinobi
    To those who think Ivy will make a huge difference, it won't. At most gives you that PCI 3.0 support you guys were craving for, but other than that. It's just a die shrink of Sandy Bridge, it's a nice feat, but not a huge leap.