New AMD A4-3450 APU Surfaces

CPU World found the A4-3450 APU in Biostar's supported processor list. The 65 watt APU has a clock speed of 2.9 GHz and seems to join the 2.8 GHz A4-3420 as an OEM-only part. The A4-3450 is unlikely to show up in retail.

The publication noted that AMD recently added specifications for A4-4300M Trinity APU to its official product database. The dual-core mobile processor runs at 2.5 GHz and integrates AMD's Radeon HD 7420 graphics engine.

The release of another Llano APU is somewhat surprising , but there is a good chance that AMD has a pile of Llano processors still in stock, especially since the company recently noted that sales have been rather weak lately. There is a good chance that AMD is now using remaining and possibly additional Llano SKUs to gain traction in the lower end of the processor market.

  • tomfreak
    how about releasing 1 SKU for the low powered Setup to complete against atom? E-350 is faster than Atom, but still quite a bit slower than regular CPUs.
  • AMD Radeon
    yes, even e450 is way too slow compared to i3
  • zeratul600
    they can sell them very easy in third world countries like mine (venezuela) because people dont have enough to pay for an intel, and even less to buy a dedicated gpu
  • JeTJL
    greghomeit's 50 mhz faster...........what to do you expect?Even at the same clock speed the Core i3 is faster. Due to AMD using the Brazos, not really a bad thing because the Brazos isn't competing with Sandybridge/ivybridge in performance. AMD designed Brazos to be power efficient not powerful. A E-450 is designed to run at 9-18 TPD over the standard 45-65 TPD range of a core i3 (Desktop).

  • blazorthon
    greghomeit's 50 mhz faster...........what to do you expect?
    MHz is not a measure of performance. MHz is a measure of clock frequency which although it is related to performance, it is not performance. Even at half of the E450's frequency, a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge i3 would still be faster overall than the E450.
  • master_chen
    >AMD Processor
    >AMD APU
    >unlikely to show up in retail
    >Another "bum price-range" garbage

  • sonofliberty08
    amd radeonyes, even e450 is way too slow compared to i3E-450 r faster if u compare it on graphic program and games
  • uglynerdman
    AMD processors have become UNDERPOWERED... way too much. ive always been a amd fan. my first comp was a k6 and i had an old voodoo banshee card.. amd has really made me sad by not releasing one GOOD mobile processor.. their highest end is lesser than an i3. and desktop well... whats the point of trying to care it seems amd doesnt. At least their high-mid end GPUs are worth the money and are a good price.
  • A Bad Day
    AMD needs to do more marketing. Every non-computer person I meet never heard of an AMD...

    greghomeit's 50 mhz faster...........what to do you expect?
    Mah Pentium 4 is clocked at 3.4 GHz, so it should be faster than an Ivy Bridge clocked at 3.3 GHz!

  • coder543
    Sales are probably weak because everyone is waiting on them to release Trinity for desktop! Stop stalling and get them out the door, AMD!