AMD launches 3.0 GHz Opteron single cores

Sunnyvale (CA) - While Intel is busy prepping its next-generation Woodcrest server and workstation processors, AMD sails ahead with a final performance upgrade for its single-core Opteron CPU. AMD claims that the new chips will provide a "performance boost" and remain in the 95 watt power envelope of other single- and dual-core Opteron processors.

The new 256 and 856 Opteron processors bump the clock speed from a previous maximum of 2.8 GHz in x54 models to 3.0 GHz. According to the manufacturer, the two-way and eight-way CPUs are shipping today, while the 156 model, which will be targeting one-way systems will become available within 30 days.

The company said that the new x56 versions are offering "incremental performance" for single-threaded applications, but did not provide any further information on the specific performance benefit over the 254 and 854 models. As it was the case with previous Opteron launches, the new chips carry a hefty premium over other Opterons and demonstrate AMD's confidence in the current market environment. The 256 and 856 are priced at $851 and $1514, respectively, while the 254 and 854 are listed for $690 and $1165, respectively.

Hewlett-Packard and Sun are among the manufacturers to offer x56-based Opteron systems. Especially, Sun, which is increasingly warming up to AMD and gets more and more aggressive in the x86 market, has been out early in announcing new servers and workstations today.

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