AMD's Latest Preview Driver Enables "System Lag" Monitoring

Radeon RX 7900 GRE
(Image credit: AMD)

AMD's latest Adrenalin preview driver, version includes new latency monitoring functionality, with Anti-Lag+ enabled titles. According to CapFrameX on X / Twitter, AMD's latency tool is incorporated directly into the Adrenalin OSD, making it easy for users to check how much render lag their system is encountering.

The new system latency tool coincidentally comes in the same driver update that enables AMD Fluid Motion Frames on RX 6000 series GPUs. However, for some reason, AMD neglected to add this update to the patch notes, allowing it to go largely unnoticed.

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AMD's new latency monitoring implementation enables gamers to check the milliseconds of system latency their gaming PC is encountering when playing Anti-Lag+ supported games. This could prove useful for making sure the system is running properly and is running with preferred video settings enabled or disabled. Some features like windowed mode or V-Sync can introduce extra system latency which some gamers will dislike.

It could also prove useful for seeing if AMD's Anti-Lag/Anti-Lag+ feature is enabled or disabled in the driver/game. One interesting tidbit is that AMD's new latency tool does not replace AMD's current Frame Gen Lag monitoring utility in the OSD. Allowing gamers to monitor both the total system latency of their system and the added latency they are receiving purely from FSR 3 frame generation/AFMF. (Which is something Nvidia users cannot do with Nvidia's own OSD.)

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According to CapFrameX, AMD's System Lag monitoring tool appears to be virtually identical to Nvidia's own render latency tool found in the GeForce Experience OSD. In testing with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor (an Anti-Lag+ enabled title), CapFrameX found both Nvidia's render latency tool and AMD's System Lag tool displaying identical latency figures, suggesting that both technologies could use similar measuring methodologies.

For now, though, this feature is exclusive to Anti-Lag+ titles and is only supported in AMD's latest preview driver for now.

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