Microsoft Battles Apple for App Store Trademark

The objections have been filed by a company that owns the trademark "Windows".   

In a 27-page filing Microsoft argues that "'App' is a common generic name for the goods offered at Apple's store, as shown in dictionary definitions and by widespread use by Apple and others" and that 'Store' is generic for the 'retail store services' for which Apple seeks registration." Since the App Store is in fact a store, the complaint is well-founded, Microsoft said. We have no idea what the final decision on this matter will be and it may all depend on the weather and the mood of a judge to be victorious in this battle.

However, since we know that you can patent virtual everything in this country, and companies have become so bold that they are even trying to patent the essential idea of holding a patent we would not be too surprised if Apple in fact could get the trademark confirmed. It almost sounds silly if a company claims that a certain claim in a trademark or patent is generic. Was it Microsoft that patented the OS shutdown last year?  

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  • Camikazi
    tburns1Doesn't Microsoft trademark "Windows"?I look outside every day.

    Windows is not a generic term for an Operating System, App Store is about as generic as you can get when referring to a store that sells apps...

    When you say Windows when talking about computers you are talking about the Microsoft product, when you say App Store when talking about computers it could mean Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Google Market, Cydia, or any of the many other stores that sells apps, that is the difference.

    Apple is trying to trademark a highly generic term to stop other companies from using the same generic and widely used term. If Microsoft were to try to trademark "Operating System" then you would have the same situation happening.
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  • JasonAkkerman
    Patents and Trademarks are very important, no doubt.

    It's the freaking lawyers that do this crap.
  • tburns1
    Doesn't Microsoft trademark "Windows"?

    I look outside every day.
  • Parrdacc
    anyone else basically about to "OD" on all these lawsuits? Just reading this made my head hurt.