Microsoft Patents Automatic OS Shutdown

Conceivably Tech reports that Microsoft has just been awarded a patent for a faster shutdown procedure. Filed in 2005, the procedure overrides already open applications that may be delaying the shutdown. Users might recall seeing this feature in action in the form of the notification screen that flashes up if you've tried to shut down and other programs or unsaved documents are still open.

The patent abstract reads:

"Aspects include the operating system receiving a command to initiate shut down, and automatically terminating graphical user interface (GUI) applications that delay shut down which do not have top level windows. Also, aspects provide a user, through a graphical user interface, the ability to automatically terminate all running applications in response to determining that a running GUI application has a top level windows."

Do you think Microsoft should have been awarded this patent or do you think this is an example of a flawed patent system? Let us know in the comments below!

  • mgoblue3296
    That is one sick flowchart
  • dannyboy3210
    My train of thought normally goes:
    Time to shut down for the night...
    Yes, I want to close the blasted program...
    OMGWT*BBQ, why won't you turn off already??

    *Power button held down*


    Thank you...
  • nforce4max
    mgoblue3296That is one sick flowchart
    If you want to see "sick" flowchart then look up budgeting of congress and how billions are wasted on miscellaneous spending.
  • NeeKo
    I am going to patent sitting down, running and sneezing!

    Anything is possible right?
  • igot1forya
    shutdown -f -s -t 0
  • mrmez
    Whats the big deal in getting your pc to shut off quicker?
    Its not like the old days where i have to wait for everything to end and the disks to park so i can turn it off manually? You just click 'shutdown' and walk away.

    As for saving open documents etc... i don't know if i want them automatically saved. Why?
    Firstly, its likely to put a whole range of docs in the wrong folders, meaning i have to troll through folders and put files in the right places. Secondly, likely to save docs i didn't want saved, creating a whole new level of junk to manually delete.

    Again, we have yet to see this implemented and i could be wrong, but it just looks like more fluff to add to the sales brochure to help sell OS's.
  • Sorta like GM trying to patent the ignition switch.... These software patents are getting ridiculous. Wonder when they'll try to patent toilet paper???
  • captaincharisma
    Didn't they have this back in windows ME. oh wait it was just restarting from it getting the BSOD too much lol
  • webbwbb
    Dang Jane, you're on a roll tonight (or should I say this morning?)! In just a few hours you seem to have single handedly posted more articles than the site generally gets in a day.
  • orionantares
    mgoblue3296That is one sick flowchart
    If you want to see a sick flow chart, look up the WoW feral DPS flow chart:

    Or the simplified flow chart: :P