Sotheby's to Auction Apple 1 Computer in June

Sotheby's is listing a slightly less desirable Apple 1 as lot 57 for its June 15 auction.

The computer, rather a circuit board, was manufactured in 1976 and is offered complete with a MOS 6502 8-bit, 1 MHz CPU. Included are the cassette interface, which was a $75 option for the base board that sold for $666.66, the operation manual for the Apple 1, as well as a preliminary Apple BASIC user manual. Sotheby's estimates the value of the system at $120,000 to $180,000.

Only about 50 of the originally sold 200 systems are still believed to have survived until today. Italian collector Marco Boglione bought an Apple 1 in November 2010 at a Christie's auction. That lot also came with the original invoice as well as a personal letter from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

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  • chewy1963
    Is it a coincidence that Apple's very first product sold for $666.66?. Can you say 'deal with the Devil'? LOL
  • beardguy
    I can understand maybe picking one up if they were cheap for nostalgic reasons, but you have to be a true Apple fanboy and extremely rich to be dumb enough to buy something like this for a few hundred grand.
  • scannall
    There are collectors for just about everything. If I had a pile of money it might be interesting. As would an original Altair, and maybe a Northstar. Some others to collect are a lot cheaper. I'd love an original Amiga, I just keep forgetting to check eBay.