Apple Preparing New Processor R&D Center in Jerusalem

Apple in Israel
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Apple is opening a new research and development site in Jerusalem, Israel. The new site will focus on the development of future Mac processors, indicating that Apple is fully long-term committed to the path it bravely took after its relationship with Intel began to look like a road to mediocrity. Elad Wertheimer, a recruitment specialist at Apple, announced the initiative via LinkedIn on Wednesday.

Wertheimer is specifically looking for engineers that are specialists in processor and associated hardware design. If you work in this field and are available to work in historic Jerusalem, Israel, then you can check out the full recruitment post at the link above, which also contains Wertheimer's email address.

Apple’s scale of R&D operations in Israel was already quite sizable. The Times of Israel notes that the Cupertino-based tech giant already has development centers in Herzliya and Haifa. Interestingly, the same source claims that Apple R&D teams in Israel were hugely influential in developing the M1 chips. It quotes Apple SVP of hardware technologies, Johny Srouji, as saying the “flagship M1 processor, including the M1Pro and M1Max… were built here in Israel while working with other teams worldwide.”

Currently, Apple’s Israel operations employ about 2,000 people. At the time of writing, there are over 100 vacant positions at the firm in Israel. How many the new research and development site in Jerusalem will add once it is fully up and running can only be speculated upon with the limited information we have. If we assume the two existing R&D centers mainly account for the 2,000 employees in Israel, then one could roughly guess a further center will add 1,000 more positions to fill.

Apple's R&D Center in Herzliya, by Yashar Architects (Image credit: Apple, Yashar Architects)

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