Apple Rumored to Use Aluminum "Bricks" as Next Big Thing

New MacBooks are on the way, that much is certain, but the word on the street is that one crucial new feature comes from a metal brick.

According to 9to5Mac, the MacBook “Brick” is special new manufacturing process by Apple intended for a new chassis for upcoming products. Apple’s new technique involves the use of 3D laser technology and water jets to carve out precise structures from a brick of aluminum.

Creating a chassis in such a manner yields one that is custom crafted, seamless and requires fewer screws and fasten points. It should also be stronger and more rigid, while also being lighter.

Sources say that Apple has supposedly created a new factory specifically for this process. Currently, Apple designs its own products but outsources manufacturing to Chinese companies for the actual production.

While Apple products already set themselves apart with trendy and pleasing designs, the "brick" technology could take it to a whole new level – one that combines both new form with improved function – and setting it further apart from other notebooks.

Such a new manufacturing process may also lend credence to the purportedly leaked MacBook pictures from the summer, which showed an aluminum chassis that wore the logo of just “MacBook.”

Current MacBooks are made of plastic, while the aluminum casings are reserved for the more spendy MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The new aluminum “brick” process could usher the regular entry-level MacBook into new and improved aluminum casing superior to what’s found in the MacBook line today.

In typical Apple fashion, we’re left speculating on what the next thing from Cupertino will be. No one will know for sure until Steve Jobs unveils the next-generation of MacBooks on stage, but such a media event has yet to be set.

More than one sign points to October 14 as being the unveiling date, which would make sense as the ones on the market today are out of production, and Apple needs something new to sell throughout the holiday season.

Stay tuned.

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  • chaohsiangchen
    Apple’s new technique involves the use of 3D laser technology and water jets to carve out precise structures from a brick of aluminum.

    Are they trying to make firearms receivers? I think this is marketing hype possibly from marketing department of Apple Corp. This will be the dumbest way to produce computer chassis, since the process is wasteful on both material and energy. Usually these methods are used to produce parts that requires high precision to endure high mechanical stress. Chances are they are only using these things to create that Apple Corp. logo in the picture. The rest of the chassis is still stamped.
  • layzer253
    Eh, with properly cooled cnc equiptment, your machinery would last quite a while
  • frozenlead
    Agree with chao, i do.

    I also never understood what was so "trendy" about all of their laptops. Everyone who has them thinks their so unique...they don't realize that all the laptops Apple makes follows the same design. They don't even come in colors, for god sakes.