Apple Requests Exceptions from US Tariff on Chinese Imports

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Apple requested a series of exclusions from the latest US Section 301 tariff on Chinese imports. The exclusion requests appeared on the United States Trade Representative (USTR) website on October 31st. This isn't the first time Apple has requested a tariff exception on Chinese imports. President Donald Trump has denied tariff exemptions for Apple as recently as July of 2019.

The tariff went into effect officially on September 1st—immediately impacting the cost several Apple product components. In response, Apple filed over 10 exception requests.

Apple's requests include a variety of components for its Mac lineup, including the iMac itself, NAND storage for the Mac Pro and solid state storage for Macs. It also lists parts for the iPhone and speakers and headphones like its AirPods, Beats products and Homepod.

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ComponentException Request Link
Apple WatchExclusion Request
HomePodExclusion Request
Beats Pill+Exclusion Request
AirPods/Beats WirelessExclusion Request
Parts for iPhoneExclusion Request
iMacExclusion Request
iPhone Smart Battery CaseExclusion Request
Charging Case for AirPods/PowerbeatsExclusion Request
NAND Storage Device for Mac ProExclusion Request
Battery Module for iPhone and MacBookExclusion Request
Solid-State Storage Module for MacExclusion Request

The exclusion requests are in the first stage of the exclusion process. By November 14th, the public comment response period closes and the requests are parsed for further review. It may be several weeks before the requests are completely processed. 

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  • nitrium
    Doesn't exempting products defeat the purpose of the tariffs? If Apple doesn't like the tariffs maybe they should think about manufacturing Apple products in the US.
  • escksu
    nitrium said:
    Doesn't exempting products defeat the purpose of the tariffs? If Apple doesn't like the tariffs maybe they should think about manufacturing Apple products in the US.

    Shifting production isn't as simple as you think. The whole production ecosystem is like an orchestra. Everyone has its role and all timed to perfection. Apple is the conductor. It took apple a long long time to establish its production ecosystem in China.

    Shifting to USA is as good as telling apple to press the reset button and start from scratch again. Its too late to tell Apple to shift to USA.
  • Gurg
    With the past litany of labor issues at Apple's Chinese factories they are absolutely the last company I would give any exemptions. Their continuing abuses are the face of the Chinese trade and labor issues. Despite
    Apple's continuing history of abuse they aren't taking steps to move production from China elsewhere but actually still moving production out of US TO China.
  • zangetsu-san
    no apple, you will pay those tarrifs, no more getting around taxes and tarrifs for you !
  • bigdragon
    Apple should pay their fair share. They already get too many tax breaks. Companies need to be treated equally. There is way too much special treatment for tech sector companies in particular.