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Arm Pioneer: Nvidia Owning Arm Would Be a Disaster

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Just recently, news surfaced that Nvidia is interested in acquiring Arm from SoftBank, which stirred up quite some fuss. While many individuals agree that it would be a good move for Nvidia own sake, it's also clear that many think it would be bad for the industry, and one of those people is one of Arm's early pioneers, Hermann Hauser, who helped design the first chip at Acorn Computers. 

As interviewed by the BBC, Hauser is on record expressing that he is against Nvidia as an owner of the company, though he also believes the deal won't end up going through.

"It's one of the fundamental assumptions of the ARM business model that it can sell to everybody," Hauser told BCC, "The one saving grace about Softbank was that it wasn't a chip company, and retained ARM neutrality. If it becomes part of Nvidia, most of the licensees are competitors of Nvidia, and will of course then look for an alternative to ARM."

Among Arm's clients are Intel, Nvidia, Apple, Qualcomm, TSMC, Samsung, and more. 

However, Dr. Hauser does believe that Softbank interest in selling Arm presents an opportunity: if not to Nvidia, he believes that the British government should get involved to bring the Cambridge-founded company back to home soil. "The great opportunity that the cash needs of Softbank presents is to bring ARM back home and take it public, with the support of the British government."

Thus far, it is unclear whether Nvidia acquiring Arm will actually happen. Although there is no doubt about Nvidia being serious about the acquisition, the deal would likely be subject to strict supervision from antitrust regulators, which could hamper Nvidia plans. 

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.