ASRock Readies 1-Liter Coffee Lake Mini-PCs

ASRock recently released a video on its YouTube channel giving customers the heads-up on the eminent arrival of two new Jupiter mini-PCs built around Intel's Q370 and H310 chipsets.

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The Jupiter Q370 and Jupiter H310 are the latest additions to ASRock's Jupiter mini-PC product line. Coming in at 178 x 178 x 34mm, these 1-liter units have a very small footprint and will fit on practically any desk. Nevertheless, the mini-PCs also feature 100 x 100mm and 75 X 75mm VESA hole patterns, so users can easily mount them on the back of their monitors.

(Image credit: AsRock/YouTube)

In terms of technical specifications, the ASRock Jupiter Q370 employs the brand's own Q370D4-P1 motherboard, while the Jupiter H310 makes use of the H310D4-P1 variant. Both motherboards are based on Intel's Coffee Lake chipsets, and as a result, they carry a LGA 1151 socket.

ASRock did not mention the available processor options for its new Jupiter mini-PCs. The company vaguely mentioned 8th generation Intel Core processors with a 65W TDP (thermal design power). We've compiled a list of the current Intel 8000-series and potential 9000-series processors that match ASRock's description.

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ModelCores / ThreadsBase FrequencyBoost FrequencyCacheTDP
Core i5-96006 / 63.1GHz4.5GHz9MB65W
Core i5-95006 / 63GHz4.3GHz9MB65W
Core i5-94006 / 62.9GHz4.1GHz9MB65W
Core i3-9300TBA (4/4)TBATBA6MB65W
Core i3-91004 / 43.7GHz3.7GHz6MB65W
Core i3-90004 / 43.7GHz3.7GHz6MB65W
Core i7-87006 / 123.2GHz4.6GHz12MB65W
Core i5-86006 / 63.1GHz4.3GHz9MB65W
Core i5-85006 / 63GHz4.1GHz9MB65W
Core i5-84006 / 62.8GHz4GHz9MB65W
Core i3-81004 / 43.6GHzx6MB65W

The Jupiter Q370 and Jupiter H310 mini-PCs come equipped with an integrated heat sink and fan to cool the processor. There are also two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory slots to support up to 32GB of DDR4-2666 memory. For storage, the mini-PCs have a 2.5-inch bay to install a single hard drive or SSD and a M.2 (2280) slot that supports PCIe or SATA M.2 SSDs. The additional M.2 (key E 2230) slot is there to house the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. 

(Image credit: AsRock/YouTube)

Connectivity-wise, both models have two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 type-C ports and a headphone and a microphone jack on the front of the unit. However, the number of ports on the rear differ slightly between the two models. The Jupiter Q370 has four USB 3.0 ports, two DisplayPort outputs, one HDMI port, an Ethernet port, one audio line out and an optional D-Sub or RS232 port. As for the Jupiter H310, this model comes with four USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI port, one D-Sub port, one DisplayPort output, an Ethernet port, an audio line out and a RS232 port. The Jupiter Q370 supports Intel's vPro and Optane technologies, while the Jupiter H310 doesn't.

ASRock hasn't revealed pricing or availability for its two upcoming Jupiter mini-PCs.

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    My brain wasn't quick enough to register "Lake Mini-PCs" in the headline... needless to say I was really confused as to why ASRock was getting into the cafe business
  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    Does "Jupiter Q370 supports Intel's vPro and Optane technologies" mean the Q370 PC supports Optane drives or Optane Memory (or both)?