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Asrock Outs G.Skill DDR4-4333 Memory Kit With Z170M Formula OC Compatibility Announcement

Asrock is touting the merits of its Z170M OC Formula motherboard, which the company claimed is the only Z170 platform capable of handling an upcoming G.Skill Trident Z memory kit clocked at 4333 MHz.

We found it odd that Asrock would make this claim, not just because such assertions (even if it’s true) usually don’t stay that way for long, but also because G.Skill hasn’t officially released any information on the new DDR4-4333 memory kit. We reached out to the memory maker in search of an answer, and were able to confirm two things: The memory is indeed slated for release soon, and Asrock’s Z170M OC Formula motherboard was the platform with which the unannounced memory was verified.

We also figured out that the new G.Skill DDR4-4333 will be a Trident Z-branded 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) memory kit with 19-26-26-46 CAS timings running at 1.4 volts, judging from this screenshot provided to us by G.Skill.

At the moment, Asrock’s claim seems to hold up, but we cannot help but wonder if the company’s recent penchant for revealing its partner’s products prematurely stems from its recent disagreement with Intel concerning non-K CPU overclocking (which Asrock debuted early this year, later removed with a BIOS update, and then rereleased), or if it’s just at effort at gaining industry recognition by living on the edge.

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