Asus ROG Poseidon Graphics Card Seen in Pictures

A couple of days ago we saw a teaser of Asus' upcoming Poseidon graphics card, and now the folks over at SweClockers have managed to snatch a couple more images. While at first we thought it was going to be a GTX 780 Ti underwater, which would have been the logical conclusion, it turns out that it is actually 'only' a GTX 780.

The card will feature the standard 3 GB of GDDR5 memory, as well as the Poseidon cooler, which can cool the card with its fans, but also be integrated in a liquid cooling loop for some extra cooling power. There was no word on what the card's clock frequencies would be, though we can imagine a fairly notable overclock.

Reportedly, Asus plans on releasing the card around mid-December, so you might even be able to ask Santa for it.

Images courtesy of SweClockers.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • vmem
    the article makes a good point, why is this "only" a gtx 780? if i'm gonna pay through the nose for a high-end GPU, I would want the best of the best
  • clonazepam
    Maybe this will convince Tom's to incorporate some H20 into their reviews and benchmarks. I'd love to a version of this cooler on a 290(X) in a shoot-out as well. Asus, get busy on the Ti version.
  • quilciri
    It is "only" a 780 because this was likely 95% along in development by the time the 780 ti was announced.
  • rwinches
    Yeah, so their ROG 760 outperforms a Titan, I would imagine this will outperform a Ti.

    Having dual cooling solutions on the card should be an available choice from all makers.
  • TeKEffect
    Am I the only one who hasn't seen a air/water cooler on a gpu
  • Immaculate
    Does the integrated waterblock/Air cool better than a full custom waterblock?
  • sportfreak23
    This is kinda like paying for a gtx 780 hydro cooper at 780 TI price.
  • Lord_Kitty
    I wonder if the fin array will also act as a radiator to cool the liquid.
  • jimmysmitty
    12107149 said:
    Does the integrated waterblock/Air cool better than a full custom waterblock?

    This is still going to use a custom loop, it just has a integrated water block. I think it could cool a bit better since the heatsink will pull some heat away and the fans will push the air away from it meaning the water going back to the radiator wont be as hot.

    They made one with a closed loop system a while back but I never looked at reviews for it.
  • hero1
    Look at the way they have those water pipes, good luck making that work for you. ASUS failed here, hard.