Asus Lists 990FX Motherboards with FX-9000 CPU Support

Earlier, when the FX-9000 series of CPUs from AMD was released, they were released to OEMs only. The reason for this was because the CPUs had such high TDPs, so various manufacturers still had to test the units in their motherboards to confirm support. Later though, the CPU also became available through retail channels and can be purchased separately.

Of course, to make a name for themselves, manufacturers (such as Asus) list the names of their motherboards that support the CPUs. Asus claims its Crosshair V Formula-Z, Sabertooth 990 FX R2.0, and M5A99FX Pro R2.0 motherboards support the FX-9000 series CPUs. A BIOS update won't even be required, though the motherboards do all need to be of the second revision.

If you're uncertain though, always be sure to look up CPU support on the manufacturer's website for your particular motherboard. Not only this, but if you do intend on using an FX-9000 series CPU, AMD also recommends the use of water cooling as well as a minimum of a 1200 W power supply, though the latter might be slight overkill.

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  • tomfreak
    seriously u dont need water cooling, a decent high end tower cooler will do the job.
  • DRosencraft
    Does that mean AMD is actually releasing the CPU to retail? I would sill like to see the benchmarks on it, but given the price of the chip I for one would not be in the market for it. At this point it would be better to just stick with one of the 8000 series or wait for the next series of CPUs coming down the line.
  • rolli59
    Lol, certified room heaters for coming winter.