Asus, Google Team Up On AC1900 OnHub Router For The Smart Home

For a second time, Google has teamed up with a networking hardware partner to bring another version of its OnHub router design to market. Now working with Asus, the two companies introduced the OnHub SRT-AC1900, an app-driven 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi router designed to simplify home networking, from setup to operation.

Managed with the Google On app, available for Android and iOS, the user can perform operations such as setting up the router, testing an Internet connection, displaying network traffic, and delegating management control to others.

With long term support in mind, the Asus OnHub takes advantage of times when utilization is low and will apply automatic updates that will not only include security-based patches, but also introduce future feature sets that will benefit the smart home. For example, in addition to the Asus OnHub release, Google announced that it will roll out its first major update for the OnHub router, adding intelligence so that the router uses the right antennas to direct traffic to devices in specific locations in the home.

A unique feature that stands out in the Asus version of the OnHub is wave control, which according to Asus places your selected mobile device in top priority for bandwidth needed to stream movies or have uninterrupted video calls simply by waving the device over the Asus OnHub.

In order to help provide the best performance possible, the cylindrically shaped Asus OnHub can automatically connect to the best available wireless channels using seven uniquely positioned dual antennas, providing network speeds up to 1900 Mbps (600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps at 5 GHz). 

Additionally, the Asus OnHub uses a Qualcomm IPQ8064 processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of flash storage for storing system updates, as well as Bluetooth and one USB 3.0 port. For wired connectivity, the Asus OnHub uses Qualcomm's QCA8337 and provides one WAN Ethernet port and one LAN Ethernet port.

Available in the U.S. for pre-order today, and in stores in the coming weeks, the Asus OnHub SRT-AC1900 costs $219.

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  • drtweak
    Maybe if it had more than one LAN port? I mean I have everything plugged into a 8 Port Gigabit switch anyways but those you don't? Com'on.
  • hoofhearted
    Still can't compare turning those old landline runs in your house into ethernet runs.
  • jasonelmore
    those $14 nano routers are better than these pieces of junk.. 1 lan port, no external antenna. The range on these will be crap and the whole point of ac is beamforming
  • videobear
    I wouldn't call this a "smart home hub" doesn't even communicate with any common smart home device protocols such as Z-wave, Zigbee, Insteon or X-10.