Atari's blast from the past console: Flashback2

Some of us with graying hair may remember Atari's 2600 console. The wood paneling was fashionable for the times and the uniquely designed joysticks were murder on the hands. Well you can relive those days because Atari is bringing it back with their Flashback 2 console.

The Flashback2 will ship with 40 games pre-installed in memory. 20 of the games are classics such as Pong, Asteroids and Centipede, while the other 20 are unreleased games. The console looks identical to the original, even down to the wood paneling. It can be connected to any TV using the included RCA cables.

The Flashback2 is currently shipping on the Atari website for $30. It includes the console, games and two joysticks.