ATI launches Avivo graphics platform for home entertainment

Markham (ON) - ATI launched its next-generation "Avivo" video and display controller technology this morning, promising more realistic color resolution, and the capability to deliver "flawless" video playback.

Avivo will include "hardware and software" that will improve the display quality of graphics especially in home entertainment applications, such as video playback or gaming. The company provided few specifications on Avivo, except to mention that the platform will include its next-generation R520 graphics processor, as well as TV Wonder Elite and HDTV Wonder cards, and the Theater 550 Pro chip.

According to ATI, the R520 will be a 10-bit-per color graphics processor capable of delivering more realistic color resolution - in fact, more than more than many human eyes will be capable to interpret. In terms of numbers, the chip will deliver 64 times the color resolution of today's graphics processors.

In a statement, the company believes that the new technology will benefit users who are working with digital video and photo files. Among Avivo's other features include "flawless" MPEG-2 playback, support for H.264 and VC1 codecs with bit rates of up to 25 Mbits per second, and scaling of resolution beyond 2560 x 1600 pixels.

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